Infant Massage

Infant Massage is one of my sleep consulting secrets! It can do wonders for fussy infants!

The benefits of Infant Massage 

  • Infant Massage creates an interaction between the parent (caregiver) and the baby that can promote: bonding, secure attachment, improved verbal/non-verbal communication, pre-language communication skills, love, and nurturing touch.

  • Infant Massage can help stimulate: the circulatory system, the digestive system, the hormonal system, the immune system, the lymphatic system, the nervous system, the respiratory system, the vestibular system (responsible for coordination and balance), muscular development and tone, sensory integration, and mind/body awareness.

  • The strokes you will learn can help relieve: gas and colic, constipation, gastrointestinal cramps, excess mucus, growing pains, muscular tension, disorganization of the nervous system, and sensitivity to touch.

  • Benefits of Infant Massage may be demonstrated by: improved sleep patterns, normalized muscle tone, increased flexibility, increased environmental coping mechanisms, regulation of behavioral states, improved ability to calm oneself, and lower levels of stress hormones.

Gas and Colic Routine: 

The Gas and Colic Routine is part of the Infant Massage course.

  • Symptoms of Gas and Colic can include abdominal pain, sudden and unexplained outbursts of inconsolable crying, high-pitched screams, abdomen distention, baby draws in legs and then shoots them straight out.

  • Possible causes can be medically related, dietary related, and/or emotionally related.

  • The Gas and Colic Routine teaches parents relaxation techniques, comforting suggestions, and massage strokes which can aid in the relief of gas expulsion, colic,  constipation, and tension.


Gentle Movements: 

The Gentle Movements are part of the Infant Massage course.

  • The Gentle Movements are movements inspired by the principles of yoga. They are cross-lateral movements, which are vital for an infant’s development, especially the connections between the brain hemispheres.

  • The Gentle Movements support coordination and balance.

  • Parents will learn movements that can be performed at anytime. These movements bring flexibility, fun, and a new way of movement to babies.

Mind Body Family is now offering infant massage through our partner Vyana Infant Massage.


Meet Khyati Desai-Seltzer, Certified Educator of Infant Massage, founder of Vyana Infant Massage.


My name is Khyati (pronounced kya-thi). I was born in India and we immigrated to the United States when I was just 1  years old. My family left a country rich with culture, tradition, and customs but have been fortunate to maintain some of the customs here. In some cases, we've been fortunate to have been introduced to our ancient practices by Americans. One of those practices is that of infant massage. In India, after a woman has a baby, a midwife will come to her home for several months to bathe her and the baby and massage them. Indians believe both have experienced a physical, emotional, and sometime mental trauma during childbirth and place enormous importance on the care of both for the first few months. 

My family and relatives received these services for generations. In America, my mom imparted this ritual on my nieces and nephews since 1999 when my first niece was born. I was a college student then and was amazed at how relaxed my niece was and, how something seen as such luxury in America, was so essential to her growth. I always remembered that and vowed I would do the same when I was a mother. Then, in December 2015, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  My mom massaged her as well those first few months of her life as my daughter basked in the sunlight enjoying the affection of her mother and grandmother. It made me wonder if there was was a way for other parents to learn about massage. I discovered Infant Massage USA, in the process, and jumped at the opportunity to be trained to share this essential skill with others. 

Vyana Infant Massage was born in May 2018. Vyana ("outward moving air") is one of the 5 energy subdivisions of Prana, the life force in each of us. Vyana is the energy that permeates the whole body, governing the nerves, veins, joints, and muscles. Regular massage can help support Vyana so that one can experience greater harmony, balance, and coordination. The short term and long term benefits of infant massage to both the baby and the caregiver are plentiful. I hope to join your on your path to giving your child a happy, healthy, and  compassionate experience.

Please visit Vyana Infant Massage for more information regarding class format options, pricing, and location options.