Infant Massage – Private Sessions

Infant Massage Private Sessions (2-sessions):  Visit our Infant Massage page to read about the research and benefits related to Infant Massage. The Infant Massage courses by Mind Body Family are based on the curriculum taught by the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). At Mind Body Family, our courses are designed to help parents better understand their baby, learn how to read and respect their baby’s cues, and to enhance the connection between infants and their parents. In addition to learning the actual IAIM massage strokes, parents will also learn about behavioral states, infant cues, gentle movements (vital for an infant’s development, especially the connection between brain hemispheres), newborn reflexes, a special “Gas and Colic Routine”, and research-based facts about Infant Massage. The 2-session private course teaches the same curriculum as the 3-week group course. The private course is taught in 2 sessions versus 3 sessions due to the ability to move more quickly through the curriculum when it is taught in a one-on-one format.

Older children: Our Infant Massage group courses are designed for infants that are pre-crawling. This is not because Infant massage should stop once your baby is crawling. Throughout the course we discuss many ways in which the strokes can be modified as your child grows and how important it is to continue a connection with your child as they grow. We set the age limit at pre-crawling because as babies get older they are often more curious and mobile which can make the group-class format more difficult for parents and the baby. We recommend that parents with older children wanting to learn the Infant Massage strokes do so in the Private Session format. As children grow and become more interactive. Therefor it is important to incorporate songs, rhymes, and games into the massage routine. This ensures a continued connection and bond between the parent and child as well as aids in the developmental process as the child continues to grow.

Gas and Colic Routine:The Gas and Colic Routine is part of the private Infant Massage course.

  • Symptoms of Gas and Colic can include abdominal pain, sudden and unexplained outbursts of inconsolable crying, high-pitched screams, abdomen distention, baby draws in legs and then shoots them straight out.
  • Possible causes can be medically related, dietary related, and/or emotionally related.
  • The Gas and Colic Routine teaches parents relaxation techniques, comforting suggestions, and massage strokes which can aid in the relief of gas expulsion, colic,  constipation, and tension.

Gentle Movements:  The Gentle Movements are taught as part of the private Infant Massage course. The Gentle Movements are movements inspired by the principles of yoga. They are cross-lateral movements, which are vital for an infant’s development, especially the connections between the brain hemispheres.

  • The Gentle Movements support coordination and balance.
  • Parents will learn movements that can be performed at anytime. These movements bring flexibility, fun, and a new way of movement to babies.


Mind Body Family offers a variety of private sessions and classes. Whether the group-class schedule does not fit into your busy life, or if you simply feel more comfortable learning in the privacy of your own home, we will find a time and location that works for you! We are willing and able to work with parents and their infants/children in a one-on-one format.

For more information about our private sessions or to set up a private session, contact Amy Bonsiero (Founder of Mind Body Family) –